The Program

The Program

Simple strength training

Improve all aspects of fitness by getting strong first.

Barbell Personal Training Program
Fitness Coach
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Our training program is one of the simplest AND most effective on the market today. Modern gyms and trainers distract their clients with seas of machines, rainbows of rubber bands, and confusing verbiage. We simply teach our lifters how to move, coach them, and add a little bit of weight each session, getting stronger over time. Whether you’re a grandmother who’s never done a squat, or an experienced lifter who squats 300 pounds on his first day, we have the tools to get you results, fast.

Why Train with Cameron?

What separates Cox Barbell from other gyms is COACHING. No gimmicks, no weird devices, just learning how to move from an expert. Cameron Cox is the only Starting Strength Coach in the state of South Carolina.

With Cameron as your coach, all you have to do is train.

Cameron will program all of your workouts telling you exactly what to do. Clients receive their daily workout via email through an app called True Coach. As your coach, Cameron is always available to answer questions and provide guidance.