Deciding to get healthy and start exercising are one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. But how do you know where to start?

Fitness Coach

South Carolina’s First and Only
Starting Strength Coach.


“A weak man is not as happy as that same man would be if he were strong.”
—Mark Rippetoe, Starting Strength, 3rd Edition.

Strength is the greatest of all physical attributes. When you train for strength, all other aspects of fitness improve. Building strength under the barbell makes you both physically strong and mentally tough. Outstanding, measurable results await those who are willing to put forth effort, endure physical hardship, remain focused, and be consistent.

Personal Trainer


“This is the only type of working out I’ve ever done that’s actually given me results.”


Why train with us?

What separates Cox Barbell from other gyms is COACHING. No gimmicks, no weird devices, just learning how to move from an expert. Cameron Cox is the only Starting Strength Coach in the state of South Carolina. With Cameron as your coach, all you have to do is train.


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Getting Stronger Every Day

In today’s society, many people recognize the importance of getting stronger to ensure they live a longer, healthier life. As life goes on, we may notice that tasks that were once a piece of cake aren’t so easy anymore.

Whether it’s walking up a flight of stairs, playing with kids or grandkids, or helping a friend with the dreaded moving process – we could all use a little more strength.

Fitness Coach Charleston SC

When you try to find to a personal training gym in Charleston, SC, it may be hard to find the right fit.

Whether you’ve trained with a personal trainer before or are completely new to the gym scene, you’ll immediately see the difference at Cox Barbell Club. Cameron Cox is a professional Starting Strength Coach and is not your average personal trainer. Cam will ensure you get everything out of each rep, set, and exercise you complete.

At Cox Barbell Club, you are treated to a private gym experience where the tom-foolery of social media exercises is replaced by strategic, logical training. You deserve the best when you work with a coach, because this is your life we’re talking about. Your time should not be wasted on fads and trends – it should be spent learning the techniques and skills in lifting weights that will make you stronger mentally and physically, ultimately leading to a better version of yourself.

You will find the help you need to determine the best way to achieve your own personal goals based on your lifestyle, body type and other factors. At Cox Barbell Club, Cameron Cox is one of the few personal trainers in Charleston who has your best interests at heart and will give you the results you’ve been searching for – as long as you’re willing to do the work!

Starting Strength Coach Charleston SC

Cox Barbell Club - A Private Gym Close to You

If you’re looking for gyms on James Island, look no further than Cox Barbell Club, a personal training gym with everything you need to get stronger, healthier, and change your life. We take great pride in offering local residents a convenient location where they can work with an experienced fitness coach in a private setting in Charleston, SC. Enjoy great workouts, music, and comradery while achieving your strength and fitness goals at one of the best private personal training gyms in Charleston under the supervision and keen eye of the first Starting Strength Coach in South Carolina.

First Starting Strength Coach in Charleston, SC

Flexibility, health, weight loss, muscle building, fat loss, and cardiovascular health – among other things – are the main goals that come to mind when we think of fitness. We need to do a ton of different activities to achieve these things right? Wrong. Strength training is the best way to achieve each of these goals simultaneously – as long as it is performed correctly. The details matter – consistency, frequency of training, and precision with the execution of a plan greatly determine the quality of your results.

This is why Cameron Cox became the first Certified Starting Strength Coach in the area. When you work Cam, your fitness routine becomes simplified. You’ll get a strategically and logically built fitness routine based off your goals and built upon scientific principles. At Cox Barbell Club, you won’t find the silly trends and fads that plague the fitness industry today. You’ll be sure to see the results you’re looking for today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Rest assured that you will gain strength and keep your body healthy and happy, reducing your risk of health issues and helping you live a longer life.

Cox Barbell Club isn’t like any other James Island gym. We set the standard for personal training in Charleston, SC and pride ourselves on the quality of results we’re able to achieve with our individualized programming.

Contact us today to talk to a fitness coach and find out what our personal training gym can do for you.